Moving In...

1. The movers will contact you or the destination agent 24 hours prior to the expected arrival time. This allows time to locate you and arrange for unloading. If for some reason you cannot be reached, it is then your responsibility to contact the agent.

2. Be sure you're there when the movers arrive. If you cannot, be sure to authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery, check inventory for damages and pay the charges for you. Inform the destination agent of your chosen representative's name.

3. Have payment on hand for your moving charges. Unless other billing arrangements were made in advance, payment is required upon delivery in cash, traveler's checks, money order or cashier's check. Be sure to ask in advance if personal checks are accepted if you prefer to pay that way.

4. Check to make sure the utilities have been connected, and follow up on any delays.

5. Make sure your phone is connected. Ideally, you should have the telephone company hook it up the day before you move in.

6. Confine your pets to help keep them from running away or becoming stressed by all of the activity.

7. It's a good idea to review your floor plan so you can tell the movers where to place your furniture and appliances. Plan to be available to direct them as they unload.

8. To prevent possible damage, televisions, stereos, computers, other electronic equipment and major appliances should not be used for 24 hours after delivery, allowing them time to adjust to room temperature.

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